We have a dream...

to create and celebrate a New Energy World 


New Energy World is a community, and a multi-faceted start up company at the forefront of green initiatives, emerging technologies, and sustainability focused business around the world. Built on traditions of the past, with a consistent vision towards the future, we are taking all steps to create a New Energy World.

New Energy World

Who We Are



Bringing you a Whole New World

New Energy World is about pushing the boundaries of change in the world. We strive to take each and every asset and positive relationship we can gather and create a synergetic flow of changes to make the world a better place. Our goal is to ambitiously explore into the world of green initiatives and sustainability with curiosity and a deep resonance for change. 

Each part of our company, from live events, to digital media, to mobile games are built with a single principle in mind--to support the development of sustainable communities and real life changes that will protect the future for generations to come. 

We have a sincere belief that the next step in the evolution of mankind is towards and healthier and more sustainable world.

Live events supporting sustainability

Live events supporting sustainability

Sustainable commercial and residential development

Sustainable commercial and residential development

Digital media and branding

Digital media and branding

Mobile technologies

Mobile technologies

Advanced Sustainable homes

Advanced Sustainable homes


On the ride with us

Partners & Affiliates

We couldn’t be more honored to have relationships with some of the most interesting and innovative brands in the industry. Below are just some of the innovative companies and brands that we are working with in the support of our overall mission.



Hitcents is a technology-based creative agency in Bowling Green, Kentucky specializing in web design, application development and mobile games.


SmartLife is a California independent insurance agency specializing in wellness focused insurance offerings. They are dedicated to creating strong relationships with their customers, insurance carriers, partners and employees and strive to consistently promote a lifestyle of optimized health.  



SuperLife is about living the greatest expression of life possible. We are a lifestyle brand run by a team of passionate people based in Malibu, California, dedicated to bringing you closer to the information and resources that will support you on your journey towards a healthy, vibrant, SUPER life. Based on the travels and research of superfood hunter Darin Olien, SuperLife is the ultimate formulation: a mix and match of globally sourced recommendations, inspirations, intentions, and science.

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Lifetec homes

LifeTec Homes is a preferred development and distribution partner of PLARSS Sustainable Structures as we bring these advanced green homes to the western United States and Canada.


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Away from the smog in cities, our hearts are drawn west, where the only dust is earth, and the only barrier is the sky. Head west for the silence that roars from a wild heart.
— Lily Moon River